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2018 年度大会

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ワールド・ロング・ドライブ協会(WLDA)は本日、クラブの長さに関連するルール変更を発表しました。 WLDAの発表を受け、WLDAの認可を受け大会を開催している「ワールド・ロング・ドライブ・チャンピオンシップ(WLDC)」は下記のとおりクラブの長さ規則を変更します。




2016.11.22 LDJ事務局

The World Long Drive Association (WLDA) today announced a rule change as it relates to club length that will go into effect immediately for all future WLDA sanctioned events. The new rule states that all clubs used in competition must conform with the USGA® Rules of Golf (Appendix II, 1c), which limits club length to a maximum of 48”. The rule will be upheld by the WLDA at all sanctioned events through the use of a CLUBLENGTH™ Ruler Measuring Tool that conforms to the USGA® method for measuring club length.

The rule change in effect will reduce the previous maximum length allowed by the WLDA, and is being implemented to allow Long Drive competitors to be held to the same standard of competition as Tour professionals in accordance with the USGA.

“The decision to change the maximum club length will only help continue to legitimize the sport of Long Drive,” said Tim Burke, two-time World Long Drive champion (2013, ’15). “For both the dedicated and casual fans of our sport, they’ll now easily be able to recognize that equipment Long Drivers are using is on a level playing field with what Tour professionals are carrying in their bag and know that we’re all being held to the same standard for what’s allowed by the USGA.”

The World Long Drive Association has emerged as one of golf’s most popular grass-roots, sporting events. Sanctioned competitions throughout the year culminate at the World Long Drive Championship, where competitors from around the globe convene to compete for the title of the world’s longest driver.


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